Arthritis Cream and Arthritis Lotion for effective arthritis relief try our arthritis pain cream and arthritis pain lotion  for your pain management.
Arthritis Pain Cream and Arthritis Pain Lotion Questions about our arthritis lotion and our arthritis cream and how it works to treat arthritis pain.
Arthritis Pain Cream and Arthritis Pain Lotion Pain Patients talk about our arthritis lotion and our arthritis cream that has provided them with effective pain relief using our arthritis cream and our arthritis lotion.
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Arthritis Pain Cream and Arthritis Pain Lotion Buy an effective arthritis relief medicine that provides effective arthritis relief and comes as an arthritis cream and an arthritis lotion . The arthritis lotion is an arthritis roll on lotion.
Arthritis Pain Cream and Arthritis Pain Lotion Contact us about our arthritis lotion and arthritis cream that both provide effective pain relief and effective arthritis pain relief.
Stellar Heath provide an arthritis cream and an arthritis lotion that provide safe and effective arthritis relief.
We value you privacy and want to provide you with effective pain relief with our arthritis creme and our arthritis lotion.
Arthritis pain lotion and arthritis pain cream for effective arthritis relief use Arthur itis pain products.
Arthritis Pain Cream is Safe and effective pain relief for less than $0.50 a day use our arthritis roll on which is an arthritis lotion or you can try our arthritis cream for effective arthritis relief while practicing pain management
Knee Pain Reliever!

One Million Pain Sufferers Can't Be Wrong!

Knee Pain Relief! Arthritis Knee Pain?

Safe And Effective Pain Relief For Less Than $0.50 A Day!

Our Patients Say Nothing Works Better to Relieve Chronic Pain Associated with Arthritis and Joint Pain.

Are You Looking For Pain Help Now?

Arthur Itis® pain relief cream and Arthur Itis® pain relief lotion contain a natural pain relief ingredient that penetrates deep to provide hours of soothing arthritis pain relief and joint pain relief. In fact, one of the active ingredients in Arthur Itis® is so effective at relieving chronic pain associated with arthritis  and joint pain, doctors recommend it more than any other topical analgesic combined for arthritis treatment. Both our Arthritis Pain Cream and our Arthritis Pain Lotion work for hours of penetrating arthritis pain relief.

Become an informed consumer!

Do the Price Per Ounce Test!

When purchasing a pain medication in the form of a pain cream or a pain lotion always consider how much a product costs per ounce. Although they may have a lower sticker price, you may actually be paying up to 50% more per ounce when you do the price per ounce evaluation and get a much less effective product.

We Did The Test!
We visited two major chain stores and purchased the two major brands off the shelf that you would have to manually compound to make 4 ounces of Arthur Itis® cream.
Here are the results:
Store A: $44.00 ($11.00 an ounce)
Store B: $42.00 (10.50 an ounce)

At $6.25 an ounce, Arthur Itis® cream is clearly a better value

for chronc pain patients and with 2 active pain relievers.

Arthur Itis cream suggested retail $24.95 ($6.25 an ounce)

Arthur Itis® lotion suggested retail $24.95 ($7.14 an ounce)

Available through your neighborhood INDEPENDENT PHARMACY!

Stellar Health Products, Inc.specializes in supporting the small independent business person and provides a safe and efficacious pain relief product to The Independent Community Pharmacist.


Ask your independent pharmacist to stock Arthur Itis®. It works fast for hours of deep penetrating chronic pain relief associated with arthritis pain and joint pain.



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Arthritis Pain Lotion is an  effective odorless arthritis pain lotion for effective pain relief while practicing pain management. Our Arthritis Pain Lotion Is an Effective Knee Lotion For Pain.

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Arthritis Pain Cream is Effective Arthritis Creams that treat arthritis pain and our arthritis cream used to achieve effective pain relief while practicing pain management. Both our arthuritiscream and Roll On Arthritis Lotion are Odorfree Pain Relief Products.

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